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Eagle’s Flight – still working – 4/21/14

I seem to be getting older. And for me as a working adult, that means I’m not as quick at learning new computer languages as I was. I’m not as eager to jump in and do a quick competitive programming experience needed to join Facebook. I failed the Google interview test, because I didn’t know terms now taught in CS courses. So it becomes increasingly up to me to figure out how my experience can be used in the job marketplace. Fortunately, I have made friends through the years who respect things I’ve done and look out for me. Fortunately I continue to draw closer to God who has promised to provide and opens up new perspectives and opportunities for me to walk in. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the way – a love walk – 4/10/14

12 years ago, I decided to write a book of poem reflections on my readings of Isaiah, an old Testament prophet. I had read through Isaiah about 12 times looking for particular parts that somehow stuck out as being “just … Continue reading

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