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eagle’s flight – rhythm – 5/19/14

Life’s seasons have an interesting way of uncovering long buried inconvenient truths. Moving from a season full of joy charged with life’s activity, to the fallow, dormant time after harvest can reveal long held assumptions that need some revising. My current season shift has left me feeling unexpectedly lost. And yet even here in this new season I know that I am deeply loved and will be found, again. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the life thread – 5/3/14

Where do I find my real life? Where do I find and recognize deep value in what I do, in who I am? I’m in a slow job period right now, that has some good promise of speeding up. I have lots of things I’m wanting to do, a couple of books to write and publish, some songs to learn how to market and actually sell, rowing practices and a couple of races planned, and a couple of contract projects promised in a month or so, but …. none are pushing urgent, and so its hard to keep them going. These are primarily “my” projects, things that give me life while I’m doing them, and I wonder when I’ll switch from doing things because I’m responsible for other’s to doing things because I’m called to them. When will this transition of empty nest and under employment will be complete in me? Continue reading

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