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the acorn – 11/21/12

reading through this book, “The Soul’s Code”[1], I’m finding that I connected with many of Hillman’s thoughts. They snagged on some of the ways I’ve walked in my searching / following after God. I find the truths uncovered and named by Hillman’s acorn, shine interesting lights on this “way” I’m getting to know and appreciate. I find it helpful to compare notes with others walking similar ways. These are my notes. Continue reading

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a ray of truth – 11/15/12

I was taught by my family to win and to lose well. I was taught by my “almost good enough” athletic abilities especially how to lose well, with occasional lessons in winning.

In this recent election season I have gotten very tired of the “I’m bigger than you” reasons for voting one way or the other. I was getting pretty depressed at the lack of truth telling, and the inability to get out from under the avalanche of misinformation we were being buried in.
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stopping out – 11/8/12

In many ways in recent years, I’ve felt lost not knowing my way forward. I’ve known where I am at work, working out, with hobbies, with friends, with church, but I’ve not been aware of the next steps forward. Then, I lose my job. And a cracked rib takes me out of my 13 year rhythm of 4/week rowing. My expected day’s activities are severely interrupted and I no longer am doing the things that tell me where I am. I’m left with only my familiar lostness for where I’m going. I find that (mostly) I’m enjoying this time of rediscovery and taking further steps into my passions, while awakening to things I’m no longer the expert in. Sometimes stopping is a useful course of action. Continue reading

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passion – 11/1/12

So I’m poking more deeply into my callings, praying through them while reading a friend recommended book*. Certain things catch my attention and give some added words to what I’ve been doing for years, filling out my picture of myself a bit more clearly. Continue reading

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