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eagle’s flight – on coming clean – 11/25/14

Poetry is my calculus. It’s my way of laying out where I am, what I’m thinking, what my opportunities and roadblocks are so that I can look them over and hand them to God for help in moving past the roadblocks and being thankful for the growing places. And sometimes, these explorations resonate beyond myself and I delight in hearing where they have touched others. Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – breathe the way through – 6/28/14

My job situation has changed and I’m looking for a new way forward. I’m looking for a new job that is more in keeping with my current talents, desires and callings. And I’m rather done with trying to keep up with 20- or 30-somethings learning new computer languages constantly and eager to jump on the next new wonderful idea to be built out of the internet clouds. And I’m rather done with managers who ask for things because they can measure them, not because they are the right things to be doing. So I find my self at the end of one road, and I’m beginning to see bits and pieces of what a possible new road looks like. It seems like there are new things all around me, in front and behind. And I’m only beginning to make some kind of sense out of them. (and I suppose this comes from following a God who is “new every morning”, perhaps I’ll need to get used to it). Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the way – a love walk – 4/10/14

12 years ago, I decided to write a book of poem reflections on my readings of Isaiah, an old Testament prophet. I had read through Isaiah about 12 times looking for particular parts that somehow stuck out as being “just … Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – testing software – new job – 3/30/14

So, newly out of work, Janet and I mentioned it to a few folks that we ran into. One person heard and mentioned a person I should call. So I called Princeton NJ, and had a brief conversation and started working a week or so later. wow. Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – the way – gaps – 3/1/14

Gaps There has been a gap as my poetry has taken a back seat recently to the temperature rising at work. I’ve had some successes with building tools that solve problems that engineers appreciate and still use after years. And … Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the gathering – do unto others – 12/1/13

I’ve learned, slowly sometimes, to write down what I pray for. I’ve found that many times things happen to me, or my thoughts turn in strange, different directions during the week. And I don’t understand why I seem to have come to be in such an awkward place. And then I re-read or recall my recent prayers, and see the connection between what I’ve asked and what I’m currently walking through. And if I attend to what I’m going through, with grace, I begin to understand the prayer answer that is now asking me for a next step. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the gathering – prayer – 11/8/13

Some years ago, I begin to have questions, for God, about prayer. I’ve been in church all my life and had made commitments and been drawn in by things of God, and been a bit perplexed by some of the people interactions which seemed to be more formula based, than real personal interaction. Continue reading

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