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Eagle’s Flight – adaptability – 1/29/14

how do we learn to adapt to a world changing so quickly?
how do we learn to adapt to a world in which our community becomes “those we run into”? online, at work, at the gym, on the train, ….

Why even try, when things, people, places, relationships change so fast?
When the “status quo”, becomes “the old ways” so very quickly.

And what do faith and love have to do with it,
when what I really want is to just be left ….
alone? Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – learning to fly 2006-2014

I wrote “Learning to Fly” in 2006.
I’m still learning to fly in new and different ways.
I still want to walk on water …. twice.

My latest flight attempt is putting this poem with music out on CD Baby.
The song has 50+ fans on Jango now, which I find interesting.
So now my latest “jumping at the sky” attempt to fly is to put the song out on CD Baby, where it can be bought, and also collect royalties when someone plays it.
I’m new at this, so taking it slow, but when you’re only 61 I think its important to try new things and see where they go. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – Oliver 1995-2014

Our cat died this week, after having been a part of our lives through much growing up and family events of all sorts.
These are my memories of Oliver. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the gathering – my walk into life – 1/5/14

At a church service of death and rebirth, I presented this poem with a prayer at the end, which I find useful from time to time. At times walking in the ways of Love, in the ways of God is about letting go of things I’ve collected along the way. Continue reading

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