eagle’s flight – The Grace of Presence – To Love my neighbor as I love myself – 8/24/18

These are difficult times in many different ways especially when our disagreements turn into barriers between one another.
One such online conversation caused me to stop and re-affirm my calling to love my neighbor as I love myself, and to remind myself the ways in which God has walked with me thus far.
I am called
to love my neighbor as I love myself
to love both of us
the same
because that’s how God loves
and one of my love bits
is to listen when God calls into question
some of my deep held beliefs about myself
that don’t quite follow or live up to the love parts
places where:
I don’t love myself and wish God had made me some other way
I’ve been wounded and refused to heal because it’s too painful
I’m afraid of what others would say if they only knew
It’s just too hard (for a variety of reasons)
I’ve not grown into yet the difficult love I’m now facing
but I keep saying “yes” to God’s next steps with me
even when my initial response is
or “That will never happen”
or “But I asked for THIS, not THAT”
and now, I add
“but I know in 2 years I’ll feel very different, so please carry on”
and God smiles, sometimes chuckles and continues to remake me in God’s image of my true self.
And I look back and marvel at where God has taken me and look forward to where I’m going
with God
the Father, Son and Spirit
the Way, Truth and Life
the Word
the Lord of Wind and Wave
And I am finding joy in living into God’s callings on me
to see myself with God’s eyes
to come out on the waves above the depths
in the Grace of Presence
to live into my gifts of intercession, healing and the Word
to work to raise the Bride
to touch one person, then one more, each one at a time
to live into God’s promises specifically to me
And to God’s question to me of
would I rather be taken up or will I remain when the times get tough?
I’ve said “I’ll remain”
So, the race is on, I’ve been prepared, and I’ve known the grace of Love in a variety of circumstances. So, bring it on and may I and we all grow into and through love’s the little deaths that we encounter on The Way, because that’s how God works.
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eagle’s flight – The Grace of Presence – to become present with – 8/14/18

Moving on our from my “Room with 12 Doors” I feel like I’m out on the waters somewhere in a boat either rowing or sailing, it just depends.
Rather like the disciples of Jesus not always sure where they are going, but finding they are increasingly connected with Jesus who is taking them …. somewhere.

And my boat’s name is “The Grace of Presence”, which I’m finding an interesting boat to be traveling in for this time.
I find God calling me to be increasingly present with God, myself and others.

We’ll see where this takes us.


To become present with

Speak and move from “me” to “I”
to become more present with myself
and it feels like my presence needs the presence of another
to fully complete
(and there’s that itch)

Listen and hear to become present with another
and “they” become “you”

and I’m finding my “I” in realizing
God’s very present self
always there
to complete me
which is an ongoing process I am slowly
realizing myself into

in and through this
ever present
ever loving
ever patient
ever smiling

this God who somehow
refuses to be
3rd person absent
in my conversations

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Eagles Flight – paths differ, yet love’s growth remains 6/30/18

I’m increasingly aware of the process of growth as I experience Love’s transformation in myself and those around me.
It seems a slow process at times, but punctuated by times of harvest sharing which brings us closer together.
With me, this is a one by one at a time process of sharing the love I’ve learned to fall into with this God who loves me first, and so deeply.

I love God’s chuckles when I finally turn around and see yet one more thing in a new light that is ever more deeply loving.
No wonder my love for self, friends, family and distant neighbors grows as I find myself so well tended, pruned, harvested and shared.

Indeed Lord, make it so.

paths differ yet harvest remains

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Eagles Flight – The Ground I stand on – Prepared 6/13/18

In my morning meditation / prayer time I’ve been increasingly aware of the processes involved in continuing to grow up into the person God (who is Love)  sees me to be.
I am struck this morning in how I have been prepared for this current “now”.  I’m not sure what the next “race” looks like but I’m prepared.

For me that preparation includes being in good physical shape for racing rowing shells, and getting better at talking to individuals about the variety of things in life that matter. (not bad for an introvert!)
And I’m increasingly realizing the cycles we go through in our growth into our next phase(s) of life.

So I wonder what the next races will look like.

Here’s this morning’s meditation on being prepared.  (in artistic power point)



Meditation Work Book.v.8 – Stand Prepared

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Eagles Flight – Psalm 22 – The Road Through Suffering Into the Kingdom Promise

The Road through Suffering – 2/7

In our journeys with God there comes a time (or times) when the first verses of Psalm 22 seem to be violently appropriate. “
“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me!!”  (NRSV)
And we remain in that pit of despair, in darkness, with nowhere to go.
And yet, the Psalm continues, following that road of despair through its stages to somehow gain a larger perspective and find a way through
which does not end in the final death of all we love, but resounds in the light of all God is, has been and will be in and through even this most difficult, impossible road.
This is my paraphrase of Psalm 22 as it winds it’s way from utter despair into the very presence of God With Us.
Psalm 22 
The Road Through Suffering 
Into the Kingdom Promise

why have you forsaken me?

And Yet
You are enthroned on the praises of the people of God

But I am despised
scorned, mocked, dismissed
Your Word thrown back at me

Come Close to me
trouble surrounds me

I feel like shit
poured out, disjointed, melted, dried up, a smashed pot, dust, surrounded, wasted away

They stare and gloat
and take all I have left

But You God, come close to me
deliver me, come close, save me

I will say …
“You who fear the Lord, Listen!
Praise God,
Glorify Love,
Stand in Awe of the Word Made Flesh”

For God does not despise
our affliction
Yahlway does not hide Yahl’s face
but hears my cries

praises me
lets me pay my vows
feeds the poor

All will turn to the Lord
remember, turn and worship

Because the Lord
has dominion
rules over all and all bow down

my life is the Lord’s
generations will be told
and proclaim his deliverance to those to come:
Yahlway has done it
Yahlway has done it indeed
2/7/18 – Wednesday
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Eagle’s Flight – The Whales – a dream – 1/22/18

The Whales
— a dream —
The whales came, we captured them and trained them to pull us through the water.
Finally one came with us through some severe trial and learned the dream speech going on the arduous journey.
She then left us, but sent 2 young males back and made a pact with us to help us become better travelers together, not as slaves but as partners.
And we learned to love in their ways and it changed us both to learn to such love.
And more would come in their own time and some of us would join with them and we’d travel together sharing our stories, learning a new kind of love, respect and partnership.
The dream speech
learns to listen
to the feelings behind the images
giving them touching power
to snag bits and pieces
deeply buried
and bring them to the surface
to be inspected
ruminated over
or tossed away
with little complaint
pleasant diversions
sometimes keeping one awake at night
or a roll over
and back to sleep
and yet
it unearths much
that could be listened to
dreams can be asked questions
to reveal bits and pieces
in their own way
with an other’s intention
but they are easily ignored
and placed on the amusing
but old playthings
to gather dust
and forgetfulness
worth exploring
let them take you
down roads you’d thought
long closed
dealt with
but if you listen
if you ask
Love’s Spirit
will empower
and grow such attention
into relationship
that loves
and raises you up to love
taking you to places
you’d only
dreamed of
1/22/18 – Monday
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Eagles Flight – The Wedding of the Lamb

Fallen Leaf Lake
One of the scripture stories that caught my attention some years ago was the Wedding of the Lamb, where God in the Christ is married to the Bride raised up pure and spotless. Many take the Bride to be the body of those who love as God loves. Who know they are loved by God. Who love God and who love their neighbor as themselves.  
Some years ago I took a walk around Fallen Leaf Lake near Tahoe, where I was an intercessor for people on retreat run by Eagle’s Wings – a spiritual direction ministry.  In the course of this walk I banged up my shins on Manzanita so they were bleeding a little, but I so enjoyed the walk, and I didn’t mind a few scratches.
As I walked, I continued in prayerful conversation with God and I asked. “How can You love us, such fickle creatures that sometimes love You and sometimes do things that are very un-loving?”  God’s reply was something like, “why do you love this walk where you are getting so banged up?”
My reply was, “I love this hike with all  its rough trek around the lake set in mountains. My banged up shins are minor and they will heal.”
And God said, “Exactly”.
After washing my shins in the lake near the Stanford Sierra Camp, I continued down the road back to our base where people were getting ready to leave.  As I walked that road, I asked, “so what are You calling me into?”
And God replied, “To Raise the Bride”. 
The Wedding of the Lamb
when the time comes
there will be a wedding
promised by God
between the Lamb
that was slain
and the Bride
fully grown together 
as one
and this wedding is not the end
but a beginning
of yet another 
new thing
when a new family begins
a new order is structured
with Love 
in this new expression
at its core
this story
has yet to be written
yet its foundations
are forming
even now
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