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eagle’s flight – “That’s not the way. They shouldn’t do that.” – 4/28/15

Watching the news, seeking how to pray for and love people, in tragic circumstances, both in front of and behind our cameras, is become increasingly unavoidable. Encountering my own and friend’s difficulties in getting older, falling increasing out of touch with a culture running away from us and our aging parents. I am thrown back, again and again on prayer and a God who loves, who is not afraid of death, who is not afraid of life, who calls us up beyond our greeds into Love’s generosity. Lord, take me there. Take us there. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the life thread – 5/3/14

Where do I find my real life? Where do I find and recognize deep value in what I do, in who I am? I’m in a slow job period right now, that has some good promise of speeding up. I have lots of things I’m wanting to do, a couple of books to write and publish, some songs to learn how to market and actually sell, rowing practices and a couple of races planned, and a couple of contract projects promised in a month or so, but …. none are pushing urgent, and so its hard to keep them going. These are primarily “my” projects, things that give me life while I’m doing them, and I wonder when I’ll switch from doing things because I’m responsible for other’s to doing things because I’m called to them. When will this transition of empty nest and under employment will be complete in me? Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – still working – 4/21/14

I seem to be getting older. And for me as a working adult, that means I’m not as quick at learning new computer languages as I was. I’m not as eager to jump in and do a quick competitive programming experience needed to join Facebook. I failed the Google interview test, because I didn’t know terms now taught in CS courses. So it becomes increasingly up to me to figure out how my experience can be used in the job marketplace. Fortunately, I have made friends through the years who respect things I’ve done and look out for me. Fortunately I continue to draw closer to God who has promised to provide and opens up new perspectives and opportunities for me to walk in. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the way – a love walk – 4/10/14

12 years ago, I decided to write a book of poem reflections on my readings of Isaiah, an old Testament prophet. I had read through Isaiah about 12 times looking for particular parts that somehow stuck out as being “just … Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – the way – gaps – 3/1/14

Gaps There has been a gap as my poetry has taken a back seat recently to the temperature rising at work. I’ve had some successes with building tools that solve problems that engineers appreciate and still use after years. And … Continue reading

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eaglesflight – the gathering – and in conclusion – 12/6/13

Jesus’ sermon on the mount. ends with a number of interesting musing points. I’ve found my most effective musings are when I try and walk out, to incorporate some (perhaps small) part of what I’m reading into how I live. And as I do that, I uncover parts of me I’ve not been aware of. I begin to see in the midst of life what I must let go of and what treasures I must walk more deeply into. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – rafting – just like us – 9/17/13

Looking at my own callings, and the clumsy way I grow up into Love. I get discouraged, but find a friend in Simon the fisherman, whom Jesus named Peter. I find, I too learn to see with God’s eyes in fits and starts, but all too often see through my own preconceptions or through the eyes of others who would like to believe the Universe operates as they have made it.
(see especially the story in Matthew 16, Luke 22, and John 21) Continue reading

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