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the way today – 10/25/12

Holding both an urgency to get to work, and a desire to play to my strengths and callings in this chapter’s job hunt is exercising my faith that somewhere these things will come together in a way that fits, even if only for a time. I’m letting the poet, musician, worship leader, software test philosopher come out more. I’m trying to stand up straighter, more internally truthfully, and connect with an audience that will work with me in creating better software, better poetry, or better music, better people in touch with their giftings, or perhaps all of these. Its a bit dangerous hanging out in the open like this. (I wonder how long it will take me to return and hide under other people’s expectations.) Continue reading

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a conversation – 10/18/12

I just had a conversation with a friend, and was reminded where life comes from.
Its not from the conversation or the understanding that comes from such conversations. Its from seeds planted, cultivated. Its from walking out what we know, think we know, or are really only guessing at. The knowing that comes from walking something out has the ability to bring to life things we didn’t know we had in us. Our understanding is only a preparation for raising up the life buried within us. Continue reading

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the way – impact – 10/6/12

Since I was young, I learned to be careful with what I said and to whom I said it.
When I went too far, got too excited and told someone more than they could deal with, something that was too far outside their current world view, I would cause the conversation to grind to an awkward halt. The few who delighted in things I delighted in I found refreshing and quite wonderful to talk to.
But now, I’m better at finding my audience and modes of story telling, and a current
growing edge for me is to do more truth telling than I’m used to whether I think people will hear it well or not. The work wilderness is pulling me this way. And at times it works and something changes because I spoke up. Continue reading

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the way – time to go – 10/3/12

my run at NetApp is done. I’ve made some friends. Touched some people with things they didn’t know, and encouraged looking deeper for what’s really true in a handful of folks. And got some work done in the process.
And didn’t fit in with expectations very well. Time to move on. Continue reading

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