I’m working on a growing body of poems that may eventually cover topics of

  • faith, hope and love – and how it is actually walked out in a real life
  • promises – that I’ve been given and what it looks like to grow into them
  • testing’s intent – both personal and software (where I’ve spent 30+ years of my life)
  • servant leadership – explorations to come with a like minded friend
  • and anything else I can think of from rowing, to prime numbers, to cosmology, and creating music.

and all it takes is a little time.

It this lent series, is intended to be a poem journal of my walk towards the cross and dying of Good Friday, which leads directly to the overcoming death back into life that is Easter.

And I’m trying to do all this in language that looks through my faith experience, but strikes at the real heart of what it means to live it out, rather than just figuring it out. Its a journey where more is learned by going and doing than by speculating what that might be like.

Join me if you will.

Should be interesting.

Clark 2/18/12

1 Response to About

  1. Fred Kurtz says:

    Clark—-Thanks for your great words……continue on the path……Fred

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