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endings and beginnings – an ending (but I’ll be back) – 6/24/13

to my poetry email and blog people –

I need to take some time away from my weekly poetry emails / blog postings to put what I’ve got thus far into a book.
It will be a follow up to “Love’s Signatures” which I released in January of 2012, titile yet to be determined. It will include the poems I’ve written since “Love’s Signatures” and sent out via emails and my blog since the previous book. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – conversation – 6/20/13

Each poem I write and send out, starts a small conversation among a few back to me or onward with others, or within one who is touched in some particular. Each one that works, sets us to play out an expression of God or Love or some other aspect of being alive, in our head and heart. And I delight when that personal experience breaks out and becomes conversation. I delight in the glimpses I get from time to time, of the community of conversation. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – rhythm – 6/14/13

Life is motion. There are lots of moving parts that make life what it is. Sometimes it feels like there are too many things going on all at once and other times there are too few. Finding a new rhythm when something changes is important. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – hazy beginning – 6/8/13

In my off work hours, I’ve been asking various people who might know, what God’s doing with the Millennial’s. I have daughters and their friends, (and even a few of my own) that I can ask such questions of and they think I’m serious. So I was quite impressed with the simply authentic tone of this convocation address: “The Authority of Apology” by Nadia Bolz Weber (a sarcastic Lutheran). It struck a chord in me and I was willing to drop everything and play with it for a few hours. May the play continue. Continue reading

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