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endings and beginnings – and then? – 4/24/13

Perhaps its this post-Easter time, when the disciple Peter went back to fishing, because the hopes and dreams he’d had while walking, talking, healing, meeting all manner of people in all manner of situations with his Master, Jesus, had been dashed when Jesus died. It had looked like something big was brewing. Now, in his strong man grief, he was lost and didn’t know what to do, so he went fishing. Back to the old ways. But Jesus came and found him, and gave him a future. An unexpected turn into a new life. And so, I too wait. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – fitting in

Seems like I’m trying to talk myself into seeing God’s “new every morning” thing as a good idea. I can do it for a while, but then I get slightly off track somehow and I get worn out, rather than revitalized by the marvelous newness each day. Seems I can only take new things for so long and then I need to fall back into old comfortable ways for a while and take a break. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – the race – 4/4/13

Ah, competition. Some love it and some avoid it. I seem to need it and since I’ve spent much of my competitive career losing (ah, but with a number of significant wins as well), I need to find another way to win more frequently. For me that’s helping the teams and the people I’m engaged with, to become the best we can. And in rowing, that means, moving together with rhythm. It’s a bit of a dance, at full power. Continue reading

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