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ah, to walk the way (1) – 12/28/12

As Christmas winds down, and is put away, I am returning by chewing on my scriptures to pull me back into the everyday. I am surprised to find a resonance with the psalmist of 119, who knows what’s good for her, and has a deep desire to walk it out, but can’t be relied on to stay with it, to keep the commands. She* keeps asking for help, and so do I. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the way – Joy – 12/24/12 – Christmas Edition

Christmas is upon us. A time of celebratory reflection, for being with family and friends, or alone as your significant others may be occupied elsewhere. In the midst of the day to day, I wonder what was so joyful at that first Christmas for the few that witnessed the event, and then for the many who had no idea, including some that should have been watching. As I watch this Christmas for signs of God’s working in the world, I catch glimpses, for which I am grateful, and I grow tired even with good times and wonder if I’ll ever make a big enough impact to satisfy me once and for all. So this is my search for Joy this Christmas. May you all be blessed with glimpses of God’s Great Joy in this season.

Merry Christmas

Clark – Continue reading

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a still small voice – 12/20/12

I find that God-words catch at My heart. They stick with me. Some come from reading scripture, or some random book or article where I find someone saying something I’ve been trying to find words for. Some are spoken by a friend and some by an enemy. Some are easy to hear while others make me angry and wound me. But I’ve learned to hold them until my experience and understanding catch up to what my heart has caught as true. Such listening / hearing is an ongoing growing experience, well worth the effort. And to speak such God-words to another is a wonderful grace empowered privilege. Continue reading

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joseph grace – 12/14/12

Ah Christmas, that over extended holiday season where we try our best to get too much of a good thing, over and over. A bit anxious about work, I’m forced to stop and enjoy time with family and friends. Good times, yet sometimes it is hard to get past the logistics of the season to really connect with the joys of new life in old and new friends, family, and extraordinary events. Continue reading

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when the way stops – 12/6/12

I read a few years ago that the best time management tool is sometimes a chainsaw. I modified that a bit realizing that sometimes the sawdust is still pretty important. So I switch metaphors in midstream and take care to put the most important things front and center on my plate and let the less important things fall off. And sometimes, they even need a little push. Continue reading

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moving on through – 1/2/12

A good visit with family and friends in Seattle, has left me tired with a bit of a cold. I’ll recover. But I need to be patient with myself for the things I did, which I know are good, but make me tired. So today, I’ll rest, and be thankful.
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