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eagle’s flight – 8th Day of Creation Musings – 10/5/17

In trying to find a way to live and love well in such a time as this I keep coming back to:
I love because God first loves me
I am called / commanded to love God back
I am called / commanded to love my neighbor just as I love myself
and that all the other law, prophets and musings on what is the right way to live hang from these 2 commandments.
So somehow love needs to be what all our our talk and actions hang from.
In these days of lies and misleading statements and actions with love given lip service but being largely left out as weak and cheap, it’s a bit hard to see how love could overcome the barrage that is driven by money power and desire for ME and MINE at any cost.
But we are told in the scriptures that love is over all things and that without it we are just making noise.
There is much noise these days. Here is my attempt to find Love’s road through it all.
8th day – creation musings … Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – tricia the third – 9/18/17

Somehow this third wedding was the hardest for me. My youngest daughter getting married felt like a hole opening up somewhere deep within me. She was leaving me. She had physically left some years ago. But this giving away to another was somehow a deep sorrow buried somewhere in me under the joy of seeing the results of our helping hands in her growing up. Continue reading

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eagles flight – Eclipse Day (in Ohio) – 8/21/17

In Ohio working this week on the day of the solar eclipse crossing the US, and am reminded today of another eclipse described in the Old Testament scriptures. Enjoy, and don’t go blind. Clark Eclipse Day (in Ohio) Looking forward … Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – Room with 12 Doors Prayer Workbook – Each New Me – 7/20/17

I’ve been creating pictures of me and my relationship to God. Much of it comes from my coming to grips with particular scripture passages that catch my attention. I’m doing this in order to live more deeply into these passages … Continue reading

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Eagles’s flight – A Crafted Prayer for our time

 I’ve been trying to craft a prayer for times we live in that I can use as a base to return to. This is my first attempt.  I would be interested to hear yours. Clark crafted prayer – for our … Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – No Year of Jubilee – 5/24/17

I had a dream last night that triggered some thoughts I thought I’d share. Some dreams are interesting and trigger some exploring, while others seem mostly entertaining. This was a thought provoking dream. My method of dream interpretation is to … Continue reading

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love runs through the 12 doors

I wondered what Love looks like from the perspective of each of these 12 doors. Continue reading

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