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Eagle’s flight – the word – ask – 12/31/13

I’m on a journey through the Bible, reading last chapters to see how the stories come out. I started in Revelation and am heading to Genesis. At a few each day, it should take a couple months. I’m taking note of the verses or phrases that particularly strike me. These are my meditations and if you have your own meditation / prayer around these things, send them back at me, I love the small conversations that ensue. Continue reading

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Eagle’s flight – the gathering – healing – 12/16/13

I have been given the gift of healing. And I’ve even prayed for some people (and myself) to be healed, and on several occasions it has worked in a significant way. But I don’t do it very much. It’s not very well accepted in the circles I frequent, and I’ve not found a way to bring it in so that it gets more than ignored as a curious bump in the road. Continue reading

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eaglesflight – the gathering – and in conclusion – 12/6/13

Jesus’ sermon on the mount. ends with a number of interesting musing points. I’ve found my most effective musings are when I try and walk out, to incorporate some (perhaps small) part of what I’m reading into how I live. And as I do that, I uncover parts of me I’ve not been aware of. I begin to see in the midst of life what I must let go of and what treasures I must walk more deeply into. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the gathering – do unto others – 12/1/13

I’ve learned, slowly sometimes, to write down what I pray for. I’ve found that many times things happen to me, or my thoughts turn in strange, different directions during the week. And I don’t understand why I seem to have come to be in such an awkward place. And then I re-read or recall my recent prayers, and see the connection between what I’ve asked and what I’m currently walking through. And if I attend to what I’m going through, with grace, I begin to understand the prayer answer that is now asking me for a next step. Continue reading

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