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eagle’s flight – Drawn in – 1/15/15

I’m in the process of reading through the book “Mansions of the Heart” by John Ashcroft. It’s a modern rendition of Teresa of Avila’s “Interior Castle” and St. John of the Cross’ “Dark Night of the Soul”. A small group of 3 of us have been having dinner together on Thursdays and talking about it, seeing where it resonates, and how we respond to Ashcroft’s comments. It’s been quite enjoyable to engage in such conversations each week. Here’s my take on the seven mansions which are stages in the spiritual journey, sometimes re-visited, each one never completely explored.

Warning – I’m using a bit more Christian specific language than I usually do. Replace “Christ” with “Love” or “The Word” if it’s easier for you. And on the “Holy 3” i.e. the “Trinity” … you’re on your own.

Let me know what strikes you. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – Oliver 1995-2014

Our cat died this week, after having been a part of our lives through much growing up and family events of all sorts.
These are my memories of Oliver. Continue reading

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endingsbeginningsendingsbeginnings – 2/21/13

A new job will do this to you. There is so much to learn, so many things to be done.
And increasingly, internet time, fully connected time is taking over all our lives. I’m listening now, for a new heartbeat. In the midst of my corporate work, I’m striving to call out giftings and to build a connectedness that we may work well, together. Continue reading

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Rules – 2/28/12

Rules. We seem obsessed by rules these days. With so many telling us how we ought to think, and so few seeming to care much about anything other than following rules so they can be assured of being right. Somehow doing the right thing, in the right people’s eyes, makes us right and OK. Maybe thinking for ourselves has gotten just a bit too hard. Maybe finding the love behind and beyond the rules seems too weak, too hard to explain. Continue reading

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