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Eagle’s Flight – Oliver 1995-2014

Our cat died this week, after having been a part of our lives through much growing up and family events of all sorts.
These are my memories of Oliver. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – a wedding – 5/9/13

The wedding of my daughter, went off well, the right event at the right time. We forgot the requisite number of important things to keep it real, but the people interactions were the most important. And now I’ve mostly recovered and am back working at my usual list of occupations (and preoccupations J ) but the new completeness of these two joined is companion to a new emptiness as she now calls home a place removed from us. Continue reading

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the way – the way – 1/24/13

My faith keeps me walking forward, when I don’t see very far ahead. I fall back into myself and what I believe is tested by the emptiness around me. My cues and prompts that have guided me from outside, are silent or find no purchase on my soul.
So I come back to the God I know, and take another step. I have nowhere else to go. Continue reading

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thank you – 8/31/12

I admit it. I’m a competitive person. And part of competition is preparing through workouts, to be able to compete better. The higher the level of competition, the more intense (and perhaps extreme) the workouts. There was a time when I feared such workouts and spent time and energy getting past my fear. As I’ve explored prayer and walking out God’s answers, I’ve discovered that God provides workouts as well, and I’ve come (slowly it feels like) to get past my fears that these workouts lead me through. I’m not done, but I appreciate the coaching God’s providing, and I need to say thanks. Continue reading

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faithful friend – 5/17/12

In my wonderings on faith, I wonder if I have many faithful friends, who have seen me over some years, in all my moods, action and inaction, and yet remain friends.
I wonder who I am a faithful friend to, and I wonder what this faith looks, tastes and feels like. Continue reading

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Blind guides – 3/21/12

For years, I have tried to teach people things I know and love. Like math, which I find deeply interesting. But I have found that my style of asking questions, works quite well with some people, while leaving other friends deeply frustrated by my refusal to tell them how to do it. I don’t know how to tell them how to do it, but I do know how to ask questions which will lead them to figure it out. Perhaps dealing with other kinds of blindness, isn’t so different, and I need to pay attention to finding those who can hear, the types of questions I can ask, and let the others alone. Continue reading

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A Cup of Cold Water – 3/15/12

In my school and work training, the largest emphasis has been on understanding how things work, from a scientific – mathematical perspective. And along with that comes ideas of measuring and knowing facts about things, so I have something to work with. And there is a strong tendency to declare that this rational thought process is the highest and best sort of knowledge. But I have had to unseat this pretender to that throne, as I realized that there is a higher (and lower) sort of knowing in loving one another, seeing another for who they are, and connecting with them on a personal heart level. Whether it be a friendship, a marriage, a working partnership, or even a creator-customer relationship. The most important parts of a relationship can’t be measured fully well. They involve trust, and compassion, and forgiveness, and patience, and delight. This heart knowing both supports and covers over and completes my scientific ways of knowing and it starts with recognizing who someone really is. Continue reading

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