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eagle’s flight – voices – 11/18/14

I don’t hear audible voices, but the feelings I around these issues are just as strong as if I did. Seems like living in a family and the church and American culture creates some pretty strong impressions that keep coming back to remind us how we really ought to be behaving. Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – I guess it’s just that noone’s listening – 9/13/14

Poems are often best read out loud. Try it with this one. I guess it’s just that noone’s listening I guess it’s just that noone’s listening as I speak in poem or song and wonder why I’m not being heard … Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – where next? – 9/1/14

I’m not retired yet. I’m not done working for at least part of a living. But I am done with learning the next new open source programming language. I am done with competing with 20 & 30 somethings over things they learned in school, that I have picked up along the way. I love writing poems, music, meditations, etc … but doubt that writing can support me at the level I desire. This doubt and changes in my life’s rhythm somehow make it harder to choose what I love doing, when I “should be making money”. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – the life thread – 5/3/14

Where do I find my real life? Where do I find and recognize deep value in what I do, in who I am? I’m in a slow job period right now, that has some good promise of speeding up. I have lots of things I’m wanting to do, a couple of books to write and publish, some songs to learn how to market and actually sell, rowing practices and a couple of races planned, and a couple of contract projects promised in a month or so, but …. none are pushing urgent, and so its hard to keep them going. These are primarily “my” projects, things that give me life while I’m doing them, and I wonder when I’ll switch from doing things because I’m responsible for other’s to doing things because I’m called to them. When will this transition of empty nest and under employment will be complete in me? Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – Oliver 1995-2014

Our cat died this week, after having been a part of our lives through much growing up and family events of all sorts.
These are my memories of Oliver. Continue reading

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Eagle’s Flight – rafting – Bonhoeffer – 10/4/13

I’m commuting 2 hours twice a week into the San Francisco financial district by CalTrain and Bart for work these days, and working from home 3 days. I’ve tried to work on the train but that seems to make me tired and its harder to work once I arrive, so I’ve found that reading interesting books is more relaxing and stimulating. My current interesting book is Eric Metaxas’ biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – and then? – 4/24/13

Perhaps its this post-Easter time, when the disciple Peter went back to fishing, because the hopes and dreams he’d had while walking, talking, healing, meeting all manner of people in all manner of situations with his Master, Jesus, had been dashed when Jesus died. It had looked like something big was brewing. Now, in his strong man grief, he was lost and didn’t know what to do, so he went fishing. Back to the old ways. But Jesus came and found him, and gave him a future. An unexpected turn into a new life. And so, I too wait. Continue reading

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