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the gathering – beginners – 8/4/13

I volunteered to help with a Learn to Row class at the Los Gatos boathouse, feeling I needed it for some reason. I found, by doing so, that I love the motion of a boat on the water, and now I remember what its like to be a beginner in this sport I’ve done for 17 years. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – the race – 4/4/13

Ah, competition. Some love it and some avoid it. I seem to need it and since I’ve spent much of my competitive career losing (ah, but with a number of significant wins as well), I need to find another way to win more frequently. For me that’s helping the teams and the people I’m engaged with, to become the best we can. And in rowing, that means, moving together with rhythm. It’s a bit of a dance, at full power. Continue reading

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stopping out – 11/8/12

In many ways in recent years, I’ve felt lost not knowing my way forward. I’ve known where I am at work, working out, with hobbies, with friends, with church, but I’ve not been aware of the next steps forward. Then, I lose my job. And a cracked rib takes me out of my 13 year rhythm of 4/week rowing. My expected day’s activities are severely interrupted and I no longer am doing the things that tell me where I am. I’m left with only my familiar lostness for where I’m going. I find that (mostly) I’m enjoying this time of rediscovery and taking further steps into my passions, while awakening to things I’m no longer the expert in. Sometimes stopping is a useful course of action. Continue reading

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godzilla power – 6/1/12

the hardest thing for strong athletic men to let go of, is their strength.
And yet, it is the main thing that gets in the way, of learning to row.
Sometimes we are so afraid of being weak that our pre-occupation with being strong, obscures our vision of the way forward. Yet even then, if we watch and listen, there are moments, we get glimpses of what appears to be a natural rhythm, when the task becomes easy. Ah, for more of these elusive moments. Continue reading

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