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Eagle’s Flight – I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever – 12/19/16

I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever [psalms 23:6b] In the House of the Lord, I wear a black white and gray coat of long hair. This is my spiritual covering. I come dressed on the step … Continue reading

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Prophecy and Parables – 3/19/12

At work, I often encounter a demand for surety. For things we can easily count, so others can assess my productivity, effectiveness or progress. And there is a place for such things. But, there is also a place for the uncountable, for a sense of purpose or vision for what we could become, of what we could help our customers become. And these are harder to count. Counting these things falls short of our vision, and may cause us to lose sight of our way forward, as we focus on the smaller, more familiar aspects of our work that we can count. Our visions, hopes, dreams and motivations need feeding through stories told that help us increasingly paint a brighter, clearer, more expansive picture of our future together. Continue reading

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