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endings and beginnings – on guidance – 5/30/13

I’m a pusher of paradigms. I enjoy looking into the ways we think and the ways we think we know what we know, and how that guides what we do and who we are becoming. After years (lots of years) of listening to people praying in churches, I realized that our prayers, our conversations with God were often geared to protect ourselves from disappointment. We weren’t really sure if God was listening so we didn’t really ask anything. Our prayers went something like, “please heal this person ….. but if you don’t, give everyone peace about it”. As a father, I would be disappointed if my young child never expressed what they really wanted, so I decided to learn to ask, and to learn to listen and walk out what I heard. Its been at least 20 years since that decision, and I’ve found that God / the Holy Spirit / Love is the best teacher / coach / mentor ever. This One is gentle when I’ve asked, but lets me know when I’m wrong or lost. After the first two years of working on this, I realized I got the same answer 80% of the time. It was, “You’re asking the wrong question”. Continue reading

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