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endings and beginnings – the race – 4/4/13

Ah, competition. Some love it and some avoid it. I seem to need it and since I’ve spent much of my competitive career losing (ah, but with a number of significant wins as well), I need to find another way to win more frequently. For me that’s helping the teams and the people I’m engaged with, to become the best we can. And in rowing, that means, moving together with rhythm. It’s a bit of a dance, at full power. Continue reading

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a ray of truth – 11/15/12

I was taught by my family to win and to lose well. I was taught by my “almost good enough” athletic abilities especially how to lose well, with occasional lessons in winning.

In this recent election season I have gotten very tired of the “I’m bigger than you” reasons for voting one way or the other. I was getting pretty depressed at the lack of truth telling, and the inability to get out from under the avalanche of misinformation we were being buried in.
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