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endings and beginnings – the practice of little deaths – 3/14/13

I’m almost done reading (and marking up) Brueggemann’s, “The Prophetic Imagination”, and I’ve become even more convinced that God’s cycle of life of growth, death, and new life is repeated throughout our lives. And as I practice my little deaths, I find that death is not so much a covering over and forgetting, as it is an acceptance and closure and a re-opening to new life. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – 1/31/13

I seem to have come to the end of my poems on “the way”.
And that makes room for a new chapter, called “endings and beginnings”. I’ve been reading Walter Brueggemann’s “The Prophetic Imagination” which I’ve enjoyed quite a bit. As I told him in a thank you email,

“In it you keep explaining to me why I write the poems I write. You are putting words and theological connection around why I do what I do, and a bit more about the context these poems are written and read in. I’ve enjoyed the connecting with Moses criticizing and energizing, with the “royal consciousness” of Pharaoh (which I have seen up close and personal working in the corporate tech world). And with the connections with the avoidance of death and having the status quo go on “forever”.

The avoiding death has particularly struck home and in fact has caused me to start a new “chapter” of poems on “endings and beginnings”. I’ve been writing a poem a week for a while, and now seemed to have finished my previous chapter called “the way”. So thanks for the brain push to go deeper in to some of these things. ” Continue reading

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The Cross – 3/27/12

in meditations on the cross, I came to see it as a door, the front opening onto a hole, a small tunnel leading down, into death. Uncomfortable sometimes, I would leave a thing I needed to die to, sometimes forcing my fingers to let it go, sometimes remaining there as it slowly dropped from me. And then I would proceed out through the tunnel, into new life, without that burden that wasn’t mine to carry any longer. Now finally free of it, I walked into new life, which took some time to re-discover without that old burden. Continue reading

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