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eagle’s flight – I guess it’s just that noone’s listening – 9/13/14

Poems are often best read out loud. Try it with this one. I guess it’s just that noone’s listening I guess it’s just that noone’s listening as I speak in poem or song and wonder why I’m not being heard … Continue reading

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a still small voice – 12/20/12

I find that God-words catch at My heart. They stick with me. Some come from reading scripture, or some random book or article where I find someone saying something I’ve been trying to find words for. Some are spoken by a friend and some by an enemy. Some are easy to hear while others make me angry and wound me. But I’ve learned to hold them until my experience and understanding catch up to what my heart has caught as true. Such listening / hearing is an ongoing growing experience, well worth the effort. And to speak such God-words to another is a wonderful grace empowered privilege. Continue reading

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The Parable of the Two Sons – 3/29/12

I can’t keep up with everything. There are too many things to know. Too many shows to watch. Too many things shouting at me for my attention. So I decided some years ago, to try out some of the things I’d heard and believed to be true. To see what things would really work for me. So I began to listen to things that mattered to me, that caught my attention, and so I learned to write poetry and music. I learned to pray and see more through God’s eyes rather than my own. I learned that working is a lot like a wilderness journey. I learned that its hard to be heard unless you walk closely alongside people for a time, and learn to speak their dialect and touch those things which they care about in the midst of the demands they feel they must respond to. And sometimes I learned that I can’t be heard, the way is closed that I’m attempting, and I must try another. Continue reading

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