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Eagles’s flight – God Loves You and God Loves me – 1/26/17

I love what Graham Cooke does. He’s the one prophetic guy that I listen to now and then and highly respect. I was briefly on his intercessor team some years ago, and took a course he offered which fit right … Continue reading

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late spark

I discovered in college that the feedback loop for my faith, was 2-5 years. A friend, Mike, came to me and told me how much something I had said to him meant to him. It had stuck with him and changed a part of his life. I was grateful, but it took me a while in reconstructing where and when I must have said this to him, to realize that it had been 2-3 years prior. As I’ve paid attention to such things, I’ve seen that when I do get to glimpse something I’ve said or done that has had such an impact, its taken 2-5 years for that feedback to get back to me. Continue reading

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Wisdom is tough – 3/16/12

I’m trying to build something at work. In the wilderness of “get it done”, “you’re costing a lot, are you worth it? We’re here to make money after all.” Sometimes it a tough wilderness. But what a great place to grow up and have opportunities to see what you can do with tough problems. The rewards and disappointments can be more apparent than elsewhere. I’m trying to build products and tools that delight customers, internal customers like my boss and the people who use my tools, and external customers who use the product to do many things with storage in the cloud. And this is a good wilderness to grow up in. Its where I’m called to be, living out what I know and am learning to be true. And its tough. Its not easy. Continue reading

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