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Eagle’s Flight – the dark corner of betrayal – 3/25/17

I have been praying more deeply in my “Room with 12 doors” and have found it to be a useful compass to help me navigate some of my own dark corners. In my meditations, I lifted the hiding blanket over … Continue reading

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eagle’s flight – The Road Ahead – 5 Uncharted Territory – 11/7/16

excerpt from –  The Road Ahead,  Chapter 5 5 Uncharted Territory   (Endings and Beginnings) endings become beginnings revealing treasure uncovered nowhere else I find that I learn a lot about myself and what I do, through these “endings and beginnings”. … Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – hazy beginning – 6/8/13

In my off work hours, I’ve been asking various people who might know, what God’s doing with the Millennial’s. I have daughters and their friends, (and even a few of my own) that I can ask such questions of and they think I’m serious. So I was quite impressed with the simply authentic tone of this convocation address: “The Authority of Apology” by Nadia Bolz Weber (a sarcastic Lutheran). It struck a chord in me and I was willing to drop everything and play with it for a few hours. May the play continue. Continue reading

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