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eagle’s flight – Gateway poems – Sudoku and God’s judgment – 8/51316

I love doing Sudoku puzzles. They help me clear my head and focus, not as well as a good hard row, but still, pretty good. I do them on my computer and I turn on the error checking so a … Continue reading

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Eagle’s flight – the gathering – healing – 12/16/13

I have been given the gift of healing. And I’ve even prayed for some people (and myself) to be healed, and on several occasions it has worked in a significant way. But I don’t do it very much. It’s not very well accepted in the circles I frequent, and I’ve not found a way to bring it in so that it gets more than ignored as a curious bump in the road. Continue reading

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endings and beginnings – the practice of little deaths – 3/14/13

I’m almost done reading (and marking up) Brueggemann’s, “The Prophetic Imagination”, and I’ve become even more convinced that God’s cycle of life of growth, death, and new life is repeated throughout our lives. And as I practice my little deaths, I find that death is not so much a covering over and forgetting, as it is an acceptance and closure and a re-opening to new life. Continue reading

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