eagle’s flight – Naming God – 10/25/17

I woke up this morning rested and came to pray with pens in hand creating pictures, scribbles and words to discover and capture the Love from God that was healing my little scrapes from yesterday. Much that was good was spoken yesterday with deep friends, but that sometimes leaves little scratches, perhaps a skinned knee from small worries that I’d said too much (a small worry that springs up in me from time to time.)
But this morning my prayer/meditation/chat with God began with a hug. A Father/Mother/Holy Spirit Presence that said “I Love You” with such a warm hug that my bruised spirit was no longer even and issue.
And I am thankful for all that God is becoming for me.
Naming God
You All
(or Y’all in the original dialect)
brings all the Godhead
in as One
gender free, male and female
for me
Father, King, Conqueror
Love, Light, Truth, The Way
Incarnate One
All true
All with history
Holy All
Holy One
Holy Spirit, Peilush, Lord of Wind and Wave
Master, Lord, Friend, Guide, Maker, Coach
my names for the Great Lover of my soul
Husband to be
(We’ve been asked)
Now I/we must grow into our collective, “YES”
Yes, with all our heart
Yes, with all my heart
— — —
And you?
What are your names for God?
What would you call God in your good and not so good life experiences?
FYI – God already knows these names, so you aren’t surprising the Great Y’all
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eagle’s flight – 8th Day of Creation Musings – 10/5/17

In trying to find a way to live and love well in such a time as this I keep coming back to:
I love because God first loves me
I am called / commanded to love God back
I am called / commanded to love my neighbor just as I love myself
and that all the other law, prophets and musings on what is the right way to live hang from these 2 commandments.
So somehow love needs to be what all our our talk and actions hang from.
In these days of lies and misleading statements and actions with love given lip service but being largely left out as weak and cheap, it’s a bit hard to see how love could overcome the barrage that is driven by money power and desire for ME and MINE at any cost.
But we are told in the scriptures that love is over all things and that without it we are just making noise.
There is much noise these days. Here is my attempt to find Love’s road through it all.

8th day – creation musings
On the 8th day of creation
humans wake up
and begin to live in Eden – God’s garden
Eve –
is the one who talks with others
wants to try new things
the one Adam loves
and listens to
then blames for his own failure
this is the road of growing up
perhaps there was another way
but “we” didn’t take it
and still don’t
our way involves striving
wrong turns
and corrections

we are told
few will see
few will turn from their bad road
and find (again and again)
the narrow way
that leads God-ward
that leads deeper into Love’s Ways
and we are told
that the struggles / battles / trials / striving / fallings / rising again’s
perfect us
and we are told that just before the wedding
when we have finally “grown up” enough to start “real life”
there is a monumental battle
the largest explosion ever
out of which it seems the bride emerges
knit together
composed of the living and the dead
(and CS Lewis (The Great Divorce)
would have space created for those that don’t want to join in
and they shrink
until they vanish
because nothing is left
they’ve gone back to the void)
I wonder
we seem to be on a road of separation
perhaps another large war
between the rich “haves”
and the poor “have not’s”
1/3 of humankind wiped out? – it could be done
so how to build a community in the midst
of whatever comes
that holds all things
all people
in common
hmmm – could be done
likely with a few
who choose such a road
who choose such love as central
but perhaps it would be
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eagle’s flight – tricia the third – 9/18/17

Somehow this third wedding was the hardest for me. My youngest daughter getting married felt like a hole opening up somewhere deep within me. She was leaving me. She had physically left some years ago. But this giving away to another was somehow a deep sorrow buried somewhere in me under the joy of seeing the results of our helping hands in her growing up.
My joy/sorrow has become a new wine, well received by family and friends and I am made more fully whole in the new sharing with old and new friends

Tricia – the third

a seed planted
grows through to
with much tending
encouraging growth
in new and important directions
and the fruit
is so enjoyed
then crushed
for the new wine
which when aged
becomes yet more delightfully
and the wine
poured out
and shared
with others
is given away
it becomes delight
love shared
and received
in many new directions
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eagles flight – Eclipse Day (in Ohio) – 8/21/17

In Ohio working this week on the day of the solar eclipse crossing the US, and am reminded today of another eclipse described in the Old Testament scriptures.
Enjoy, and don’t go blind.
Eclipse Day (in Ohio)
Looking forward
to each new now
that breaks open today
as the Moon obscures
the Sun’s glory
and reveals much
we couldn’t see
in the brightness
and brilliance
and Your Glory
is made somehow
more beautiful for us
(as You did for Moses)
at the moment when
the least is showing
and we can finally see
and apprehend
the smallest portion
of Your Glory
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eagle’s flight – Room with 12 Doors Prayer Workbook – Each New Me – 7/20/17

I’ve been creating pictures of me and my relationship to God. Much of it comes from my coming to grips with particular scripture passages that catch my attention.
I’m doing this in order to live more deeply into these passages and see what they mean and how they work in my walk and practice.
So, This picture below is a picture of me at my current stage of growth in God. It’s not a complete picture and it changes slightly as I continue walking it out. It is what I currently see in part of me on my journey.
and here is a prayer I’ve crafted around this picture …
You wash me as I stand before you
Lord, I come before You
Standing on the Rock of Your death
Rooted through to the River of Living Water
buried beneath
Wash me as I draw the water up
my physical vitality and drive
my heart felt love and purpose
my mind’s understanding
and my ability to see with Your eyes
You crown me with Your Glory
and I overflow with Your Love and Life
for those I meet
and touch
indeed Lord,
make it so
— — —
and for those interested, here is an annotated version of this picture. This is how I currently see my relationship with God. It springs from my “House of the Lord” prayers and my “Room with 12 Doors” meditations.



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Eagles’s flight – A Crafted Prayer for our time

 I’ve been trying to craft a prayer for times we live in that I can use as a base to return to. This is my first attempt.  I would be interested to hear yours.


crafted prayer – for our time

love above
love beneath
love over all things
love at the center of all things

our sins have been swept away
my sins have been swept away

our eyes opened
to death among us
wickedness from the heavenly places
raising up
“me”, “my way”
wealth as my right, my goal
wielding power in the service of darkness

touch and draw Your people out of this darkness
into Your light
let love be awakened in many
to touch one other
to touch and be touched
with and by Your Love
to touch and be touched
with and by Your Love for themselves
to touch and be touched
with and by Love for one another

let us, your people
raise up our neighbors
befriend, invite, draw close, delight in
one another
as the darkness deepens
let our lights collectively grow stronger, brighter
and breathe life
Your life in through Your people

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Eagle’s Flight – No Year of Jubilee – 5/24/17

I had a dream last night that triggered some thoughts I thought I’d share.
Some dreams are interesting and trigger some exploring, while others seem mostly entertaining. This was a thought provoking dream.
My method of dream interpretation is to first write down in a bit of a sketch what I remember of the dream. I try and just make a brief written record of what happened. What I saw felt and sensed in that dream.
Then I go back through and see if any parts of that dream trigger some kind of deeper interpretation. Perhaps a color somehow means something, or some particulars remind me of something or someone.
And then I finally jot done some things that seem to be some next steps for me to take, and I create a title for the dream so I can capture the main point somehow.
I don’t worry too much about “getting it right” I’m just trying to live a bit more into the story that emerges.
This particular dream may also have connections to a book, I’ve just started to read, Noam Chomsky’s, “Requiem for the American Dream”.
No year of Jubilee
my dream
it seems
that one can tell
that someone is Jewish
by looking closely at their photos
and if they have a certain look
like the sky is raining
if you look closely
then they are Jewish
and they have been trying to hide this for years
but since it hadn’t really been an issue for a while, they were getting a bit lax
not sure how they hid this
but perhaps they just didn’t show / display
photos that had this effect
but it seems that people were starting to look for this again and some were getting caught with this effect in their photos
mostly Jewish doctors
My interpretations
What are the meanings I can glean from this dream?
raining?  tears / a deep sadness that’s hard to hide
perhaps reading Noam Chomsky is setting me on this track?
wealth jealousy may well be returning
this was mostly about jewish doctors being “found out”
and is about the wealthy feeling they know more and better than “the rest of us”
especially the poor who “brought it on themselves”
just like the rich “made their station in life” due to their virtue of “being right” and “knowing better how things should be”
for treating the “rest of us”
varying degrees of “badly”
lest the rabble rise up and take over
if  they can come together and learn they are the majority
so we tell stories
in order to strengthen our sense of place in the world
and to “smooth over”
our iniquity in this enterprise
and the results surface now and then
when the stories we tell take us too far down the road of iniquity
and we become “too right”,
“self righteous” to the point where we are holding down and putting extra burdens on those folks who are trying to rise up and take over my “justly acquired” wealth and/or position.
this is why, once every generation or so
a reset year of Jubilee really ought to take place ((says the Lord))
to reset position and the economy
before it gets too far out of hand
like right now
in the world
and in the US
My next steps: so what to do?
indeed, what to do?
wars and rumors of wars
physical  fighting
push back all kinds of resistance
those yelling at being held down
And it takes increasing pushing down
from those on top
and requires strong action
to suppress
the rising anger
and if one “makes things better” by not letting any one subservient group get too large who would then take over in at least having their group become the ones in charge
it is then possible to stay on top
and surf the coming disaster
without too much pain
from the rising war
and in fact war
is a great money maker
and a good way to aggregate power
because nearly “anything goes”
when trying to put down those enemies
who are trying to rise up and overthrow
“MY” rightful position
“THEY” are trying to ruin the stability that we “righteously” have maintained, sharing our knowledge and wisdom
providing places for the lower castes to live and have some form of  “decent life” even though they couldn’t possibly provide it for themselves.
“we know everything necessary”
“we have access to wisdom you couldn’t possibly understand”
so we are in another period of needing a year of jubilee,
a godlike intervention
to save us from our self-inflicted wounding
of one another
and this godlike intervention
will require an exercise of either deep love or deep power to calm things for a bit
and so it will either be a year of jubilee with a deep love reset
or a year of godlike power providing a strong arm reset with many casualties,
which has the side benefit of many of the rabble needing to re-find their way, which means that they are busy adjusting to a new regime, so they have less time, energy, ability to get at the top reasons why this keeps repeating,
and perhaps a few of them will rise up to become part of the (slightly revised) set of those in power.
The rebels of the 60’s become trust fund educated members of the ruling class
knowing how we all “ought to behave”
there is some love sprinkled through this power exercise
but power remains the topmost priority
and love gets second place
and acts as a lubricant
to keep the frictions from becoming too widespread
becoming unbearable
whew, and I just barely started reading Noam Chomsky … what will happen when I get through his new book?  ☺
So, for those of us who envision Love taking its place up above Power,  what does it mean for how we handle the “power refresh”  currently building steam?
Jesus did this by joining people who would listen, finding those “fish” who were willing to be caught in the love net he and his disciples used.
It wasn’t a direct power confrontation, but he gathered those who would come and they increasingly learned to love one another, love God and love themselves.
But their image of what Jesus was doing was incomplete.
They hoped that he was to become the next King and would replace the current kingdom leaders with his love based kingdom.  And they were crushed when instead he died. Their hopes for the new kingdom dashed.  They had wanted a “power replacement” and didn’t get it when he died.
when he rose from the dead and then ascended into heaven, he showed a different way that used power in the service of love, rather than the other way around.  And this Love power is power
to draw us together
to draw out the best in each other
to raise one another up,
not just raising ourselves up and holding others down
and he showed a new way of dealing with the issues that arise.
Letting Love walk us down through death with those things contrary to the Love and Life God has for us.  And Jesus demonstrated how to lay down those things that block Love, to die to them and then to come out the other side and live again, more deeply in Love with God, ourselves and one another.
I find this is a repeating process, a repeating workout
and that it’s delightful coming to a more and more full realization of being so Loved by God and letting that fill all the nooks, crannies, and corners of my being bit by bit, piece by piece.  And because I am loved, I love God back and others more and more deeply. This love is a two way connection. I love because God so deeply loves me. I love others and find that they begin to love me. And so it spreads.
This love way is different from  the power way. The love way goes through my own dying through to life and power serves love.
The power way insists that others need to do the dying and I do what I can to protect my life and love serves power.
At least that’s how I see it.
I vote for Power serving Love not
Love serving Power.
How about you?
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