Eagles Flight – 5/2/17 – House of the Lord Journaling change

I’ve been praying and meditating on the House of the Lord (the mansion God is creating for me) for some years now. I thought I’d share some aspects of how I’ve come to see myself in answer to my prayer to “see the me God sees” and to “see with God’s eyes”.

Jounal Entry 5.1.17

Monday’s Journal Entry
My journaling has changed
through the years
from prose
through poems
to sketches

Now seeing myself
through God’s eyes
in part
but more and more parts
are coming into focus
as God’s Love
God’s Spirit
God’s Word
God’s Touch
increases its work
in me

I am
a tall redwood
catching the rain
of the Holy Spirit
in branches reaching up
and providing place
for people to find
a place to grow
in this Love

I am
a fountain
of living water
pulling water up from the depths
and learning to let it spill over
to be shared with many
with those who would
take some
and make it their own

this fountain
in is a cloister
on the second floor
open to the sky
connected through
the rock of Golgotha
down to deep buried
rivers of living water

Its taken years of asking
to see myself
as God sees me
to get this far
and I don’t see the
the new views
stopping anytime soon.

these pictures
make for some interesting
and challenging

How does God see you?


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Eagle’s Flight – the dark corner of betrayal – 3/25/17

I have been praying more deeply in my “Room with 12 doors” and have found it to be a useful compass to help me navigate some of my own dark corners.

In my meditations, I lifted the hiding blanket over some feelings of betrayal I’d experienced (and didn’t know what to do with) several years ago. Small things come up now and then where it feels like “the rug was pulled out from under me” and I feel it as a pain in a relationship I would just as soon break off, right now, immediately!

But I bury the feeling because I don’t know what to do with it, and try to keep on, and slowly the painful feeling “goes away”.

So in this morning’s prayer time, I found these feelings coming back. I’ve been asking Go to deal with such things and while I don’t like the feelings that arise, I do like the clean feeling I get after cleaning up some of these long time pains I’ve been ignoring. And often there is even a gift on the other side that the pain had been blocking. Perhaps an improved relationship for example.

As I explored this pain,I found the compass aspect of my Room with 12 doors helpful.  Here’s what I came up with.



the dark corner of betrayal (3, 9, 6, 12)

My feeling of Betrayal

3: the ground cracks
and gives way
I am falling

9: and wake
from the assuming slumber
that everything is fine

6: the fear pain
and worry
of pain to come

12: a step towards complete
lacking in nothing
and so with Jesus
He was betrayed
in order to complete
the task he’d been given

and the ground he had been walking
with his disciples
gave way
and would hold him no longer
so he prayed in pain and blood
in the garden
as he woke fully to the reality
of the very next step

and it was done
His task complete
lacking in nothing

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Eagles’s flight – Lent 2017 – Thread 2 Compass Point – New Creation

Lent 2017

This lent instead of giving something up, I’ll try to focus on my various forms of meditation and the path that God’s been taking me on these last few years.  There are currently 3 threads, each one a bit deeper than the last. These are musings from my path. You may find bits and pieces that ring true in your walk. And for those bits and pieces, I give thanks.

Lenten Threads
1. House of the Lord Meditations
2. Compass Thread – My Room with 12 doors
3. The Dark Corners

Compass Thread – My Room with 12 doors
Compass Point 1 – New Creation

In a newly postulated theory of time, new Now’s are created just as new space is created causing the expansion of our universe and the expansion of time. So new time is created moving always forward with a newly created Now. Some of these new Now’s become special to us, a step forward in our growth or an event which shapes our vision and understanding of the world, who we are and our place with others and with God.  Such Nows are to be remembered and celebrated as stepping stones on our way being carried along in the River of Life, growing up and more deeply into God’s Love for us.

new creation
the eternal Now
a beginning
always starts

The eternal
reaches in
becomes Now
and the Word creates
and makes all things

The Word
which is God
made all things

The Word
which is God
dwelt among us

New made
each now
new hope
become present reality
and recedes
becomes past
a memory foundation
for further building

and some Nows
become a persistent New
a corner turned
our reality has changed
ushered in a new way of thinking
a new way of walking
new character within
which sees the world
through new eyes
more deeply

— — —

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1-5 (NKJV)

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Eagles’s flight – God Loves You and God Loves me – 1/26/17

I love what Graham Cooke does.

He’s the one prophetic guy that I listen to now and then and highly respect.

I was briefly on his intercessor team some years ago, and took a course he offered which fit right in with what God was doing with me at the time.

And I was told in prayer, “you can pray for him and listen to him, but don’t follow him.”

Which is what I was told repeatedly about many folks leading a variety of ministries.

Which has led me to find my own ways deeper into God’s love for me.

Here is a link to a short video on Graham’s website that tells a great story about how God loves us, whether we love ourselves or not.


Take a listen, because God loves you the same.


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Eagle’s Flight – I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever – 12/19/16

I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever
[psalms 23:6b]

In the House of the Lord, I wear a black white and gray coat of long hair. This is my spiritual covering.

I come
on the step
and breathe

this is my morning meditation

I’m “old” and getting older
and I live in a gray world
where views collide
and partial vision
meets physical understanding
that merges with scripture
and my experience
to build my spiritual house
which I see as it comes into focus
prepared for me

this is how I operate
walking with God

where a Word comes
in a dream
a thought, a fleeting idea, the touch of a number
as I ask
or it arrives

my house
my mansion
my estate
is an ever expanding place of the Spirit
creating “new” every morning [1]

perhaps God can’t see the future
because it doesn’t exist now
but God knows our paths
and knows where they lead

God knows what he’s building
and therefore knows what it will look like
but it doesn’t actually exist until the appropriate “nows” are created that get us  there.

and perhaps then our growth is real
not growing into a fixed, preexisting future
but our paths are laid out and we have real choice
created by boundless love
to follow as we will

like a carpenter
who knows what he’s building
and sets about building it
or an architect
who has drawn up plans
making concrete her vision
which is made complete in a new hospital
for a city

as each step progresses
various partial completions arise
new tools are used to take it to the next level
parts are joined together
some are cut off
but there is plenty of material
and more is being prepared
as God’s kingdom is being built
with parts selected and shaped
to fit the unfinished project

parts that refuse to fit now
are perhaps re-purposed
laid aside
to be picked up again
in their time
as the kingdom shaping goes on

it took billions of years
to create the habitable living space
for the creatures to arise
that would finally form
the bride
for the lamb

and in a grand cataclysm
the bride will come together
and be revealed
perfect and complete
lacking in nothing

and will walk to meet her groom
at the Wedding of the Lamb
[1] “Now and the Physics of Time” [Richard Muller] An interesting unproven theory that considers that new time is being constantly created just as new space is created to make space expand. The front of this wave of new time is what we consider “now”.  The theory could be confirmed as the LIGO experiments get more sensitive and encounter larger black hole mergers which create a spike in new space and perhaps new time.  [NPR – Now and the Physics of Time]

My Reference Frame
12 – Complete Lacking in Nothing
1 – New Creation
2 – The Holy Spirit
3 – The Ground I Stand On
[from “My Room with 12 Doors” – not yet published]

— — —
Here’s my current “floor plan” of My Room with 12 Doors

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Eagle’s Flight – Guidance – lights in dark places – 12/2/16

I woke this morning early, exploring my “Room with 12 Doors”. It became apparent (after a time of wondering prayer) that I had entered the door of “Guidance” which I have now subtitled, “lights in dark places”. Here’s the poem that resulted.

Guidance – lights in dark places
I walk
in the dark
and speak light

igniting with a breath
the spark
awaiting fuel
the fanning breath
the loving torch gently carried
and a flame bursts forth

quiet fire
seeking tinder
air to breathe
it glows
it grows
to desire kindling
then small logs
and then the fire depends
on its purpose
to grow and ignite the countryside
or to be set in a lamp
hung high
to mark the Way
an inn
a gateway gathering
a road carrying off into the distance
as darkness gathers
and night falls

— — —
Here’s my current floor plan of My Room with 12 Doors …We’re still building this out


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eagle’s flight – The Road Ahead – 5 Uncharted Territory – 11/7/16

excerpt from –  The Road Ahead,  Chapter 5

5 Uncharted Territory   (Endings and Beginnings)

become beginnings
revealing treasure
nowhere else

I find that I learn a lot about myself and what I do, through these “endings and beginnings”. These transitions force me to consolidate what has been familiar but is now ending, and then to start to think differently as I come into a new situation, job, or life phase, which starts out with plenty of unknown elements. And since God is both new every morning[i] and the same yesterday, today and tomorrow[ii], I can expect many times when my familiar gives way to something completely new that feels like I’m starting over.

College ends – jobs begin    

I seem to learn the most from endings and beginnings.  At the end of college I had several roads I was interested in pursuing, a teaching career in physics and math at the High School level and a slight interest in computers which I’d gotten a taste of during college, but hadn’t spent much time in computer and software related classes. I had done some tutoring and actually taught a high school geometry class when the sub in the class I was assisting in turned out to not be very good at geometry. So I was directed by the teacher to teach the class the next time that sub came in, which I did a few days later, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I like explaining things to people in ways that they can grab a hold of.

So as I was finishing up my collegiate senior year, my next step was coming down to a Peace Corps teaching post or getting my masters in Education so I could teach High School physics. I knew people who had done both that recommended each path. The Masters degree sounded like the most sure way to get a job, so I decided to do that. On the way back to my room after making the decision, I ran into one of my roommates who asked what I’d decided, so I told him. I can’t forget his reply: “Well, …. its what I would have done, but I was expecting more from you.”

— — —
[i] Lamentations 3:22-23 – new every morning
[ii] Hebrews 13:7-8 – Christ is the same forever

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