Eagles Flight – Psalm 22 – The Road Through Suffering Into the Kingdom Promise

The Road through Suffering – 2/7

In our journeys with God there comes a time (or times) when the first verses of Psalm 22 seem to be violently appropriate. “
“My God, My God, why have you forsaken me!!”  (NRSV)
And we remain in that pit of despair, in darkness, with nowhere to go.
And yet, the Psalm continues, following that road of despair through its stages to somehow gain a larger perspective and find a way through
which does not end in the final death of all we love, but resounds in the light of all God is, has been and will be in and through even this most difficult, impossible road.
This is my paraphrase of Psalm 22 as it winds it’s way from utter despair into the very presence of God With Us.
Psalm 22 
The Road Through Suffering 
Into the Kingdom Promise

why have you forsaken me?

And Yet
You are enthroned on the praises of the people of God

But I am despised
scorned, mocked, dismissed
Your Word thrown back at me

Come Close to me
trouble surrounds me

I feel like shit
poured out, disjointed, melted, dried up, a smashed pot, dust, surrounded, wasted away

They stare and gloat
and take all I have left

But You God, come close to me
deliver me, come close, save me

I will say …
“You who fear the Lord, Listen!
Praise God,
Glorify Love,
Stand in Awe of the Word Made Flesh”

For God does not despise
our affliction
Yahlway does not hide Yahl’s face
but hears my cries

praises me
lets me pay my vows
feeds the poor

All will turn to the Lord
remember, turn and worship

Because the Lord
has dominion
rules over all and all bow down

my life is the Lord’s
generations will be told
and proclaim his deliverance to those to come:
Yahlway has done it
Yahlway has done it indeed
2/7/18 – Wednesday

About Clark W Johnson

I am a poet, interested in using poetry to explore my interactions with the spiritual. I find poetry captures tension, paradox and flow well enough so I can hold experiences at arms length and reflect on them from multiple vantage points. As I walk deeper with my God, I'm finding such a record invaluable for myself, and I find that pieces and parts touch others as well. I love and long for more points of contact along those lines.
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