eagles flight – Voices – Christmas 2017

Voices – Luke 1:39-45
Christmas 2017

told in an angelic conversation
that she was blessed by God
and would soon be
young and pregnant
while a virgin
“make it so”

Joseph wasn’t so sure
apparently Mary
isn’t as convincing
as an angelic visitation
God spoke
and Joseph listened

Then Mary
newly married
young and pregnant
went to visit her cousin
old and well past child bearing
but pregnant
having prayed for years
for a child

And the two huddle together
sharing each other’s news
with joy and wonder
confirming the words heard
in secret

meanwhile Joseph
carries on
takes Mary as his wife
and trusts he’s heard
angels and Mary correctly
in this quite unique
to fatherhood

— — —

Hearing angel voices, getting a flash of insight and inspiration, training up our intuition
is not a very scientific way to operate, but sometimes things happen and we have no
hard facts to go on so we make a decision and go with it.

Some decisions we need to make with very few supporting facts other than knowing and
trusting the one who told us, “this is true”, “this is the right way to go”.

Sometimes the one we need to trust is ourselves:
> that we heard the angels correctly,
> that the decision feels right,
> that the coin flip is the best we’ve got right now.

And in such cases our assurance only comes after we walk out that choice and we hope
to catch glimpses as we go that we were right and that indeed, Love was guiding us.

And sometimes we must trust our instincts and tell only a few who need to know and might understand about the road we’ve decided to walk down.



About Clark W Johnson

I am a poet, interested in using poetry to explore my interactions with the spiritual. I find poetry captures tension, paradox and flow well enough so I can hold experiences at arms length and reflect on them from multiple vantage points. As I walk deeper with my God, I'm finding such a record invaluable for myself, and I find that pieces and parts touch others as well. I love and long for more points of contact along those lines.
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