eagle’s flight – Naming God – 10/25/17

I woke up this morning rested and came to pray with pens in hand creating pictures, scribbles and words to discover and capture the Love from God that was healing my little scrapes from yesterday. Much that was good was spoken yesterday with deep friends, but that sometimes leaves little scratches, perhaps a skinned knee from small worries that I’d said too much (a small worry that springs up in me from time to time.)
But this morning my prayer/meditation/chat with God began with a hug. A Father/Mother/Holy Spirit Presence that said “I Love You” with such a warm hug that my bruised spirit was no longer even and issue.
And I am thankful for all that God is becoming for me.
Naming God
You All
(or Y’all in the original dialect)
brings all the Godhead
in as One
gender free, male and female
for me
Father, King, Conqueror
Love, Light, Truth, The Way
Incarnate One
All true
All with history
Holy All
Holy One
Holy Spirit, Peilush, Lord of Wind and Wave
Master, Lord, Friend, Guide, Maker, Coach
my names for the Great Lover of my soul
Husband to be
(We’ve been asked)
Now I/we must grow into our collective, “YES”
Yes, with all our heart
Yes, with all my heart
— — —
And you?
What are your names for God?
What would you call God in your good and not so good life experiences?
FYI – God already knows these names, so you aren’t surprising the Great Y’all

About Clark W Johnson

I am a poet, interested in using poetry to explore my interactions with the spiritual. I find poetry captures tension, paradox and flow well enough so I can hold experiences at arms length and reflect on them from multiple vantage points. As I walk deeper with my God, I'm finding such a record invaluable for myself, and I find that pieces and parts touch others as well. I love and long for more points of contact along those lines.
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