Eagle’s Flight – the raft – on knowing – 10/28/13

so, a facebook post by a family friend got me thinking. And I wanted to see if I could express my experience of the ways I get to know my God, my family and friends, the physical universe and all that goes on in my journey along this river of life.

on knowing

I’m finding
that “getting to know “
is a wonderful enterprise
and along the way
one needs to look at the things
and people and relationships
and yourself
that you want to get to know

I have blinders on
filters I use
to make the universe fit into my scheme of things

I have tools I use
to see more deeply into the connections between
the things I know
and hold to be true
and hold dear

but when I am at my edges
there are no connections further up and deeper in
I have to just step
and land in a new place
I may believe  it is there
but I only get to know it
by standing in it
and wandering around
sometimes its only by gnawing on it
like a 2 year old
can I begin to make it mine

once I have made it part of my world  view
only then can I
start to connect it back
to the things I already know
and hold dear

but even then
the new thing
may well ripple back along these growing connections
and change my view of what I’ve known before

and sometimes
I’m wrong
and have to go back
accept the critique
from wherever
or whoever it comes
(which I don’t like)
and wait to grow into the new understanding
the corrected understanding
having opened
or reopened
the door
to areas I thought I had nailed

how much does my understanding
correspond to reality?
its progressive
and centers around the parts of reality I experience
and the faith I have
If my faith is that there is no purpose or cohesive plan / design / intention
then I will collect ideas and things
and don’t worry overmuch about the connections between these things

If my faith says that the world is against me
and everything is a struggle
just to survive

then my facts will fit that framework

until something happens
and makes me desperate enough
to find a new faith center

my faith center is that God is Love
and light
and that he cares enough about me to walk with me
in all I do
and there are beauties and harmonies
in the universe, in the people
in all
some of which I am able to see
because they are not too far off from my perception abilities

and some I’ll be able to see in a few years time
and some, I’ll only ever see through someone else’s eyes
and some … I’ll never see in my current state.

logic is a good tool
in testable arenas
and a secondary helper
in matters of the heart
where the decision to love
and the intuitive understandings of relationships
may be more important


has many interesting branches
in a life well lived

and on the nature of being
and how it matches our epistemological system …
its amazing it works so well

but the further away we get from fundamental issues
the less well it can guide us
and the easier it is
to fool ourselves into thinking we have the whole picture
when it is so easily colored
by our understandings,
where we place our faith
and where our faith places us

I believe there is a real, knowable world out there
that there is a real, knowable God who desires to be known
and that we live in this world, day to day

and my knowing
our knowing of it
is multi-faceted
and works at a shallow level
and in many cases invites us in deeper and deeper
to find new mysteries
and to slowly or swiftly
connect them into what has gone before.

and each time
in physics
when we have come to the point were we
know nearly everything
that has been the time
when we’ve discovered something new
that makes our current world view
fall apart
and require some kind of deeper understanding
to incorporate the new



About Clark W Johnson

I am a poet, interested in using poetry to explore my interactions with the spiritual. I find poetry captures tension, paradox and flow well enough so I can hold experiences at arms length and reflect on them from multiple vantage points. As I walk deeper with my God, I'm finding such a record invaluable for myself, and I find that pieces and parts touch others as well. I love and long for more points of contact along those lines.
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One Response to Eagle’s Flight – the raft – on knowing – 10/28/13

  1. lesleycarter – thanks for the like – glad a teacher who’s writing about living most fully cares about how knowing works. I appreciate the friendly connecting.

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