To speak

I read an post of a Bill Moyer interview that struck home to me, and caused this reply for myself, seeking my expression of the faith response talked about in the article.

To speak
what’s true
To raise
the bride
To go
where I’m called
To be
To find ways
to say
to do
to love
What needs to be
and loved

To speak
until I’ve said
what people can hear
Then move on
and speak again
an audience
my audiences

Sometimes things aren’t
just not God enough


About Clark W Johnson

I am a poet, interested in using poetry to explore my interactions with the spiritual. I find poetry captures tension, paradox and flow well enough so I can hold experiences at arms length and reflect on them from multiple vantage points. As I walk deeper with my God, I'm finding such a record invaluable for myself, and I find that pieces and parts touch others as well. I love and long for more points of contact along those lines.
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